Frequently Asked Questions

"TGMC" stands for "Tough Guy Movie Club".

The Tough Guy Movie Club is a group of men and young men who meet together to watch and discuss "tough guy" movies.   (No "chick flicks" here!)  Our aim is to eat lots of BBQ (and very few veggies), watch cool movies, have fun, and, in the process, build relationships and character.

"What - With What - When" is a way to remember what it means to be a hero.  A Louisiana man once said that heroes don't generally aim to go save the world.  Instead, a hero is someone that does what he can, with what he has, when he can.

Men and boys are welcome who are age appropriate for the movie. Dads, uncles, mentors, sons, brothers, friends, etc...

Bring yourself, your appetite for our world-famous TGMC spare ribs, and a friend if there is some dad and son that you think would benefit.

Definitely bring any boy you know that doesn't have a father or significant positive male role model in his life. A great and successful part of this simple program is to include others that could really benefit from the conversation and the friendship. There are many boys whose fathers are not around who could get a lot from meeting some of the men in the community. We have seen this work in some wonderful ways since TGMC started.

TGMC typically meets in a member's home. For the first two years, that has been Jim's house. One of the group members is about to take over hosting at his house for our winter showing. The idea is that others can eventually host a couple of times each, and TGMC will find its way around town.

For a specific movie showing, check the announcement for the location.

TGMC meets about 3 to 5 times a year. Once per season seems like a nice idea. It's good to have a fire going somewhere for the fall or winter showing.

So far TGMC has averaged about 40-45 people, which is capacity for our original location. Our goal is to have as many people come as possible, as long as they can fit in the house. It is not the same group that can make it for each showing, but the number has been pretty steady. This has worked great so far; however, if all our past attendees show up on the same night for a show, it might get interesting!

Invite however many will fit in your setting or set up more than one group if necessary.